Jessica Jackson- rising sophomore at Wilkeston High
Family: Only child of older parents, lifetime members of the Church of the Epistles
Appearance: Hazel eyes; petite; loves to brush her thick, dark hair
Likes: Helping Ma in the kitchen; hanging out with Dad in his workshop
Hobbies: Reading romance novels in the hayloft; nursing her litter of kittens

Harris Kidd - pastor of the Church of the Epistles
Family: Oldest of three children; 55 years old, married late to the daughter of a congregant, son Colby; father was pastor of the church before him;
Appearance: Broad shouldered and muscular, 5’6” but looks taller, green eyes, freckles on balding pate, hints of red hair
Livelihood: Skilled orator and knows the King James chapter and verse. Views the church as his kingdom and Colby as his heir

Darlene Hunt - store assistant at Cook hardware
Family: Raised in the Church of the Epistles by hard line parents, but rebelled
Childhood: Paid for the butterfly tattoo in the small of her back with money she earned on a summer job, age fourteen; at sixteen had her navel pierced and was caught drinking and smoking pot
Career: Dropped out of high school and disowned by her parents; became Dwight Cook’s store assistant
Appearance: Heavy makeup and highlighted hair; wears tight t-shirts and short skirts, lace-up boots
and leather
Status:Twenty-three years old and divorced, she wants the good life but has no prospects. Flaunts herself to get what she wants

Old Sam - Wilkeston’s hermit
Education: Went to school in Atlanta as an evangelizing fundamentalist, but returned a deeper and broader man
Appearance: 5’8”, wiry and strong, rough and ready, dirty and ragged, a true outsider
Personality: Deeply compassionate and empathetic, a man of peace
Lifestyle: Lives a solitary, subsistence life and rarely interacts with the Wilkeston community
Friends: His only friend is Bessie, his adopted dog, and his only extravagance the food he buys her

Nic Horn - FBI Special Agent
Social: Single and middle aged; lives life large and is a ladies’ man; lives in the city and contemptuous of rural life and people
Career: His career stalled years ago and he is bitter and resentful; will stop at nothing to break out of his dead-end job
Lifestyle: Lives a solitary, subsistence life and rarely interacts with the Wilkeston community
Friends: Confirmed atheist and deeply suspicious organized religion