Grace Jessica stirred the remains of her twenty-ounce Slurpee with the straw, sipped, and gazed out into the pasture. Her eyes lost focus and her mind drifted to the farm and to today’s visitor.

“Jessica, did you hear what I said?

Jessica jumped. “What? Oh, you’re ready to go. She swung her legs over the split-rail fence and slid to the ground. Balancing her cup against a fence post, she dusted off the seat of her sundress and watched Alison do the same to her jeans. She took a last look at the big chestnut quarter horse, the paint, and the black mare who had been their midmorning companions, then turned and followed Alison, who was kicking her way through unmowed grass that bordered the two-lane highway, drifting toward the turn-off a hundred yards ahead.

“That’s a pretty dress, Alison said without looking over her shoulder.

Jessica smiled, stroked the cotton print ornamented with yellow and peach lilies and lime foliage that was her summer treat, and said, “Thanks. I like your shirt, too. It’s cute.

“Did you get all dressed up just to go and get a MoonPie?
Jessica glanced sharply at her friend’s back. “It’s just such a lovely day, she said and looked down,
brow furrowed.

“Are you meeting a boy?

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