Doorway Finished the second half of your novel. I liked it just as much as the first half. And I would repeat my earlier assessment. Good story, well-drawn characters, good dialogue. I really like the story and how it's put together. And the dialogue is great.
- Bill Porter, author of Road to Heaven and, as Red Pine, of many Buddhist translations
and commentaries

Mr. Young's book holds special significance for me. His book, while written as a fast-paced and moving novel, highlights a problem going on in the world of religion, and especially Christianity, today: that the message of prejudice and divisiveness is often overshadowing the real message of Christ, which was one of unity and love. It is my hope that Church of the Epistles reaches a lot of people and gets them talking and thinking of the adverse repercussions of using certain passages of the Bible to justify actions that are not only full of hatred and violence, but fundamentally non-Christian.
- The Reverend Dr. Robert K. Landrum, author of The Gospel Today

Impressive! Fantastic job! I really enjoyed reading it. You did a super job in developing the characters and the plot lines.
- Chris Arena

I almost cried at the end…and was so relieved and happy with the ending! Excellent… I felt the story weave well; was able to relate to all the characters; felt the anger of the bad guys, and the anger of the good guys; it was all so REAL!
- Laura Biggie

Made me think a lot about my own Christianity and how I manifest it my life when relating to others. I have always considered myself quite fundamental in my own beliefs. You did a good job of developing the characters in this story. I felt their pain and their joys. All in all, I again must say that I enjoyed your novel. It held my interest from the beginning to the end.
- Mark Dawson

It was truly excellent! I was completely involved with all the characters - creeped out by others, as I should have been - and thoroughly enjoyed it! Scary to think that there are people like that. And I'm also grateful for my own spiritual upbringing which preached inclusiveness.
- Denise McCurdy

“It really is a compulsive read. It is very much the sort of book I like but with a bit more meat to it than many I now pick up. The characters are very real and the plot horribly believable too.
- Meg Webb

A compelling story that should have most readers checking their own hearts.
- Scott Brocato

The Grace of Guilt is a powerful character study with color and depth. The descriptions and writing really brought me into the landscape and held me there. The story told in Gareth's book is an important social commentary that really brings to light the harsh judgement that exists all around us.
- Carrie Cantwell